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Rediscover the joy and freedom of movement.

Feel confident in your body and in yourself.


Montse doing dancers pose
Student doing yoga with Montse Gili

Join a class in Ibiza!

Currently, I am in Ibiza offering classes in person.

– Join a Sunset yoga class at the beach

– Book a private class for you, alone or with your group

– Join my Yin Yoga classes at Ben’s Gym in Ibiza.

– Find me teaching in-person classes in Sant Antoni de Portmany (Instagram @Ibzbalance) goteamup.com/p/7025053-ibz-balance


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Montse Gili in runners lunge

Book an online personalised package

 First, let’s have a short, no-pressure conversation to see how we can work together to help you be the best you can be. 

Private yoga is a wonderful way to stay accountable, to achieve results faster and to develop a practice that is just for YOU.

In what areas do you need support right now? 


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Montse Gili teaching yoga online

Try the Online Video Library

Your practice in your own time when you needed it most.

Customise your own practice with a growing library of videos. Organised by style, by length and by themes.

Most classes are recordings from the live classes, so you can feel part of the community. Others are special recordings just for the library.

All classes can be rented individually or get a membership for better value.

Access the video library and courses

Courses and Workshops:

Summer Solstice Workshop


Open your body, release tension, and explore your mind.

This is a complete yin/yang workshop that incorporates movement, meditation, and an opportunity for journaling.

This Summer Workshop contains yin and yang movement practices to keep you balanced. Stoke your internal fire, spend some time looking at your life goals, explore some cooling pranayama techniques and finish with a calming yin practice.

You’ll practice:

– Surya Bedhana pranayama

– Meditation for gratitude and joy

– A Hatha yoga asana practice

– Life areas journaling exercises

– A relaxing yin yoga practice

– A PDF with journaling prompts (you can do on your own or follow along)


Montse Gili teaching yoga online


This RESET course is designed to help you create a vision for your life using yoga tools of self-awareness, as well as journaling prompts and goal-setting techniques.

Maybe you’ve lost sight of your goals and vision for the year.

In the routine of everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of your true values and aspirations, that’s why we need time to invest in ourselves.

The body movement, the breathing exercises, and the meditations are tools to help us find more creativity and access our intuition during our reflection time.


Nah, I’m ready to…


Student doing yoga with Montse Gili



This course consists of a 6-part series of Vinyasa Classes exploring the 5 Yamas from the Patanjali’s yoga sutras.

The study of the Yamas will help you go deeper into the yogic path. These are fundamental ethical and moral principles that help us relate to the world.

This course offers you a unique opportunity to explore yogic philosophy through the yoga physical practice.


The course is included with the SOYOGA ALL-ACCESS membership




See my students in action in the video above.

We can all achieve more meaningful and fulfilling lives through yoga, meditation and breath.

Yoga will meet you where you are. You only need to come as you are.


Why work with me? 

I’m passionate about helping you move with more ease and become more confident.

My approach is very down to earth and playful. Everyone is welcome regardless of age, shape or experience.

With humour, compassion and experience I believe in adapting the movement to the body… not the other way around.

My aim is to encourage you to learn from your own body, and develop more awareness of your body, breath and mind.

Yoga is a tool for self-knowledge and the journey starts very simply with an open mind on the mat.

I have practised yoga since the late 90s whilst working in theatre as a performer, director and teacher. I unite both worlds by bringing a sense of playfulness and joy to all my classes. Also, I regularly teach yoga and movement to actors.

Montse has a number of yoga teacher trainings under her belt, two of them in India, in different styles of yoga, including a 200 hrs in Yin Yoga Therapy.

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What People Are Saying

Your classes have been a sanctuary for me over the last year Montse – on many levels. They have helped me gain confidence in my body, strength and flexibility after injuries – and I have really enjoyed the spiritual side too to channel negative energies during some challenging times. It has been a joy to get back into yoga practice to tie in with my own teaching and creative voice-work practice too.

Morag Stark

Montse is a fantastic teacher in both the dynamic and more restorative classes. Above all, she is a great facilitator who cares for you every step of the practice and encourages you to own your own practice and work within your availability to get into a pose, without needlessly pushing into a particular shape. I can highly recommend her classes!

Matt Fennemore

Active Release Therapies

I felt very comfortable with Montse – she created an online classroom that was welcoming and not at all intimidating. Given this was my first online yoga experience, I was a little nervous and concerned that it wouldn’t match an in-person experience but all of that evaporated once I joined the session to Montse’s friendly smile and gentle voice.

Sonya Dykstra

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