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Seating in Angkor Wat. Meditation


Why work with me? 

I’m passionate about the benefits of yoga to help you become more joyful, confident and stress-free.

I have been a yoga practitioner since the late 90s but professionally I worked in physical theatre and mentoring performers. Forever a student, I am passionate about sharing what I’m learning, bringing playfulness and joy to all my classes.

You’ll receive a slow-paced, mindful experience that will give you time to sink into poses and become more aware of your breath and body, whilst awakening your intuition and creativity.

I believe in adapting the movement to the body, not the other way around. So you will always be encouraged to explore, investigate and play. 

My classes are ideal for beginners, as well as for more experienced yogis that want to improve their focus and be more mindful of their practice and develop presence.

We can all achieve a more meaningful life through yoga, meditation and breath.

Kickstart a new you with Private Yoga Coaching


Why work with a private online teacher?

I’m ready when you are, in your own time and prepared to answer your questions or doubts…

More importantly, I will be there to hold you accountable and guide you all the way. 

My mission is to help busy freelancers and creative entrepreneurs to achieve a more balanced mindset and fulfilling life. Using yoga and meditation techniques we can gain greater health, energy and vitality to enjoy the things that really matter to us as well as improve our mental health.


Two steps you can take today…

Tree pose yoga

Join a group class

All drop-in classes are suitable for beginners but offer enough challenge to keep you focused on the mat.

I offer Vinyasa for more dynamic classes or try Yin for a more meditative and nourishing experience

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Book a private appointment

 Let’s have a short, no-pressure conversation to see how we can work together and in what areas you might need support at the moment (physically, with stress, with time, emotionally, etc. ).

Book your FREE yoga consultation for a non-pressure and friendly chat.


What People Are Saying

Montse Gili takes the fear out of yoga and allows you to go at your own pace. She gets to know you and your body and gently pushes you when she knows you can do more.  Always with warmth and humour. She has changed the way I practice yoga.

Alice Bunker-Whitney


Montse is a fantastic teacher in both the dynamic and more restorative classes. Above all, she is a great facilitator who cares for you every step of the practice and encourages you to own your own practice and work within your availability to get into a pose, without needlessly pushing into a particular shape. I can highly recommend her classes!

Matt Fennemore

Massage Expert, Active Release Therapies

Such a wonderful class and space to feel into all the crevices. I really enjoy Montse’s tone and attention – she has a way of sustaining energy whilst deeply deeply expanding into Yin. Love it.



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