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You are ready to make healthier choices so you can focus on what really matters, be more productive and lead a more intentional and stress-free life. 

I am passionate about helping you improve your confidence, creativity and joy!

Montse doing dancers pose
Montse Gili teaching yoga online

We can all achieve more meaningful and fulfilling lives through yoga, meditation and breath.


Why work with me? 

I’m passionate about sharing the yoga tools that will help YOU be your own template.

I have practised yoga since the late 90s whilst working in theatre as a performer, director and mentor. I unite both worlds by bringing a sense of playfulness and joy to all my classes.

You’ll receive carefully guided mindful experiences. Awaken your intuition and creativity by becoming more aware of your breath, body and mind.

I believe in adapting the movement to the body, not the other way around. So, you will always be encouraged to explore and play. 

This isn’t yoga for the flexible only, we aren’t chasing poses. This is yoga that will meet you where you are.

Note: Expect to be welcomed with a smile, loads of humour and a charming Spanish accent.

Two steps you can take right now:

Student doing yoga with Montse Gili

Join a group class

All drop-in classes are suitable for beginners but offer enough challenge to keep you focused on the mat.

I offer Vinyasa for more dynamic classes or try Yin for a more meditative and nourishing experience

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Montse Gili in runners lunge

Book a private appointment

 Let’s have a short, no-pressure conversation to see how we can work together and in what areas you might need support at the moment (physically, with stress, with time, emotionally, etc. ).

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What People Are Saying

Montse is warm, friendly and understanding. Her instructions are very clear and she leads by demonstrating. She is observant and guides you into the movements so you understand what you are doing. You actually feel your body responding easily and gently.

Nandita Lantz

Montse is a fantastic teacher in both the dynamic and more restorative classes. Above all, she is a great facilitator who cares for you every step of the practice and encourages you to own your own practice and work within your availability to get into a pose, without needlessly pushing into a particular shape. I can highly recommend her classes!

Matt Fennemore

Active Release Therapies

I felt very comfortable with Montse – she created an online classroom that was welcoming and not at all intimidating. Given this was my first online yoga experience, I was a little nervous and concerned that it wouldn’t match an in-person experience but all of that evaporated once I joined the session to Montse’s friendly smile and gentle voice.

Sonya Dykstra

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