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Ustrasana is a traditional backbend
AT 7 PM –  (BST) 60 min class

This class is particularly suited for beginners or those who want to explore fundamental asanas and pranayama without a rush.

You will develop strength and flexibility, and gain confidence in your own practice as well as learn to play to see what feels best in your body.

A friendly class for those who are scared to try yoga!

This class is also hosted by The Om Institute, ask me how to join and I’ll be delighted to help you. If you want so simply book this class with me you can do it here… but if you join via a membership at The Om Institute it’ll work out cheaper for you and you can use your membership to book other classes and courses

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AT 12PM – (BST) 75 min class
Develop strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus. We will be paying attention to alignment and breath whilst offering appropriate challenges to all levels.
We will go over foundational poses that will help beginners gain a good understanding of the principles of yoga, whilst providing challenges to more seasoned practitioners. Always in a fun a supportive atmosphere. 

AT 6PM – (BST) 75 min class
Develop more flexibility and increase circulation in the joints whilst reducing stress.

Yin yoga stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body.

Some classes will be more restorative than others, using pillows and other props for support. Always have blankets and cushions or pillows nearby!

I’m offering two ‘donation’ based classes. Don’t let finances be a barrier towards a healthier, stress-free and more energetic and dynamic YOU.

The 75 minute weekend classes are  pay-what-you-can (pay what you can afford based on what the class is worth to you and of course your financial situation)

 All the other classes are hosted via The Om Institute. If you’d like to know more about the advantages of becoming a member,  press HERE


“Montse is a clear and precise teacher and gives great options for each  so  there is a great balance between relaxation and challenge as she talks you through each Asana. There is also a pleasing sense of variety, humour and warmth in her teaching style.”

Catherine M.

“Whether you are a total beginner or have been doing yoga for years it’s lovely to have Montse guide you through these asanas bringing you closer to your centre each day. Thank you Montse!”

Mog Fry


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