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Ideal Present?

Show you care by giving the experience of wellbeing

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Benefits of giving Yoga

Ecologically friendly

For your eco conscious friend, this present won’t end up in a landfill! You don’t even need wrapping paper!

Life changing

You are offering an experience that could change their life! Maybe they’ve been meaning to try yoga but just need a little ‘nudge’. Be the change that transforms their life.


Promotes self-care and better health

We all want healthier lives, better sleep, less stress, stronger bodies… There are countless benefits to  yoga and meditation and this gift is perfect for those who want to start to look after themselves.

Girl with pink hair in namaste mudra

They are in control

This present activates when the user decides. If you are getting them a monthly membership (which starts as low as £17), it’ll only strat when they decide

Peace of mind

When bought as a gift, the memberships do not renew automatically, so don’t worry about being billed again! It’s now in their hands to continue their yoga journey.

A personal touch

Ok, so you are not only supporting your friend, but you are also buying from a small business.

The classes are small and friendly and Montse really gets to know her students. This is not a big studio or corporation, or a ‘media-famous’yogi… we get to create lasting relationships.

Video Library Membership

Give unlimited access to a growing on-demand library of yoga and meditation videos. 

Most videos are recorded from the live classes and are divided into sections by style and length. From 10 minutes to 75 minutes long; try Yin, Vinyasa or meditation.

When given as a gift it does not renew automatically

All-Access Membership

The best option for choices.

Gives access to:

– any regular live classes – up to 2 per week or 8 per month.

– unlimited access to the on-demand library.

A great present to help kick start a self-care habit.

When given as a gift it does not renew automatically

Live Online Classes Membership

Gives access to any of the regular live classes in the schedule.

– Up to 2 live classes per week or 8 per month.

– This package does NOT give access to the growing library of videos.

NOTE: If you aren’t sure of your loved one schedule for live classes, I strongly recommend gifting any of the other two memberships, including the cheaper on-demand option.

Seating in Angkor Wat. Meditation

Help your loved ones develop a self-care practice for the body, mind and emotional wellbeing. 


Gift a Membership ⇑


5 class package ⇓

As well as a membership you can also GIVE A 5-class PACK:

The packs are valid for 60 days and activate from the first use.

CAN NOT be used in the video library, only drop-in classes.




“She immediately makes you feel at ease.”

I have been attending Montse’s classes for almost 2 months now. I’m not sure how she does it, but the fact is that I can touch my toes, I’m sleeping better and I am starting to believe I can practise Capoeria again since my back has been much happier now.


Your Yummy Yin class was great. Thank you so much! The poses were well chosen, with a variety of levels offered – all within a really nourishing, caring atmosphere. 

I felt so much better after the class!


Montse provides really clear instructions, with a range of progressions to suit all abilities. I love being able to do the classes at home- it’s helped me develop a regular practice. Thank you Montse.