We can all achieve more meaningful and creative lives with the help of yoga and meditation.

It’s never too late to lead a less stressful and more joyful life. I am proof and so can you.


Before deciding to teach yoga I worked in theatre as performer, director, teacher and producer. Jumping from project to project I was stressed out without time to settle into a healthy routine.  Most of the time I was in a reactive state… But regular practice of yoga and meditation helped me find the emotional balance I needed to operate from a more intentional place.

It was because I had to share the benefits of yoga with others that I became a teacher. My passion is to help busy creatives become more in control of their lives as well as gain more emotional balance and confidence to lead the life they deserve.

I’m not perfect, self-development is an ongoing task for all of us, but I’ve come a long way from my previous patterns of destructive behaviour. I am much more balanced emotionally and mentally… And physically I feel healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been!

I’m finally loving my body and so can you.

I am in my 50s and just a few years ago left it all behind to teach yoga. Despite practising yoga since the 90s’  (‘on and off’) I never really thought I was ‘good enough’ to be a teacher; I also thought that it was ‘too late’, that I was too old.

What limiting beliefs are holding you back from accomplishing more in your life?  Trust me, it’s never too late and you are good enough!

Girl with pink hair in namaste mudra


– You are a busy creative that needs a few minutes to de-stress and get your body moving… with the added bonus of improving your physical and mental health!

– You are a performer that wants to gain more presence and confidence, as well as a consistent physical routine to keep your body ready.

– You are a beginner, and a bit intimidated by all the jargon and the fancy poses… Don’t worry, I lead with humour and openness. You’ll feel at ease and gain confidence rapidly.  

– Working from home or travelling for work? All the classes and workshops are online. You can connect with me from anywhere.

– You don’t need to be flexible, fit, young, old, strong, spiritual, belief in chakras or anything else for that matter, or you could be all of the above… just need to come as you are, be open-minded and curious about self-development.


We won’t be chasing ‘the look’ of a pose.  Yoga is not another sweaty workout; it’s not important the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. I use yoga, somatic movement, breath-work, meditation, intentions, yoga ethics and philosophy to create full experiences.

I love teaching a slow, alignment-based Vinyasa that will help you connect with your breath and become more aware of how to move and where to move. I believe that the pose needs to be adapted to the body, not the other way around.

My other favourite thing to teach (and practice) is Yin yoga! The benefits are many-fold and it’s a deep nourishing practice.

In Yin we really take our time to stay in the pose, entering a more reflective or meditative state. It helps us connect to ourselves at a much deeper level, developing insight, intuition, self-knowledge whilst working on our deepest connective tissue, joints and fascia.

“Yin Yoga is simple but simple doesn’t mean easy” Bernie Clarke

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I love your classes and it feels perfect.  just what my body is asking for.  It feels like things are waking up, shifting, opening…    Thank you!



If you start now, you’ll begin to see results one day earlier than if you start tomorrow!


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