Vinyasa and the Yamas

This course is an opportunity to explore yogic philosophy through the yoga physical practice.
Yoga is not just the 60-90 minutes spent on the yoga mat. It’s actually much more than that. The eight limbs of yoga are guidelines on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life.
Yamas, the first limb, are ethical principles that help build a good relationship with the world and all that lies within it. Everything is interconnected. So our relationship with others is an integral part of yoga.
If you can learn to be kind and true, and to use your energy in a useful way, you will benefit not only for yourself, but for everything and everyone around you. 

Gain clarity about the impact of your own actions and reactions, your desires and how you work.



Improve your physical and mental flexibility and strength.

6-part Series:

The course consists of six classes recorded from my live online classes. 


– A short lecture introducing the yama, how to practice it and ideas for self-reflection about it.

– A pdf of the lecture, for those who prefer reading

– A Vinyasa practice with different alignment cues and suggestions to suit different levels.

Practice the Yamas with both mind and body.
– All the videos will be available at the same time, so you can pick which Yama to practice.
– My suggestion is to start with the intro class, then choose one Yama for each week that you focus on.
– Observe what changes in your behaviour and inner experiences from this practice. 
– I also strongly advise you to journal along with the lecture or after the practice, or at least keep a notebook nearby.


What People Are Saying

Thanks for this series, Montse. I love them. I’ve done the first three and look forward to completing them!


She translates the wisdom and theory of the yamas into a unique physical practice which releases and encourages qualities brought up by the theme.

Each session includes a short talk and meditation explaining one yama and relating it to how we deal with ourselves and with others. This is followed by a physical practice that is built around this yama, with observations shared through the session, and a nourishing savasana to embed this knowledge.


I feel stronger and lighter and more flexible but most of all I feel these sessions help to build inner strength and openness to what is. Montse brings lightness and positivity to every session. (…) Whether you are a total beginner or have been doing yoga for years it’s lovely to have Montse guide you through these asanas bringing you closer to your centre each day. Thank you Montse!


The Style

We won’t be chasing ‘the look’ of a pose.  Yoga is not another sweaty workout; it’s not important the shape of your body, but the shape of your life.

I use yoga, somatic movement, breath-work, meditation, mantras, yoga ethics and philosophy to create full experiences.

With plenty of variations to suit all levels of experience, it’s always encouraged to do only what’s appropriate for the body.

I love teaching a slow and alignment-based Vinyasa that will help you connect with your breath and become more aware of how to move and where to move. 

My experience

I’m not perfect, self-development is an ongoing task for all of us, but I’ve come a long way from my previous patterns of destructive behaviour.

After practising yoga for around 20 years, it was only after going deeper into the philosophy and into meditation practices that all started to click.

Yoga is a complex system and the asanas (physical postures) is just a part of it.

I am much more balanced emotionally and mentally… And physically I feel healthier stronger than I’ve ever been!

Montse doing Wild Thing
Montse doing dancers pose

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