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Online private yoga classes are the perfect solution for:

  • Freelancers and busy people with irregular schedules or People who travel often. Isn’t it frustrating to find a class you like, but it’s never at a convenient time for you? Here, the class is only for you and you chose the time.
  • Beginners. No need to look at what the person next you is doing or try to catch up with the rest of the class. Personalised attention to you and to your needs.
  • People who want to work on specific issues or goals (foundations of yoga, alignment, insomnia, stress, back pain, gain more flexibility, strength, relaxation, etc.) And if you don’t know what you want to work on, don’t worry, let’s have a chat and we’ll find out what’s best for your practice.
  • People who are not comfortable in a studio environment or in a group class.
  • Creatives who work from home and need a break in the middle of the day for a short practice targeted to their needs. We can schedule just a 30 min call!
  • Those who would like to start a practice but are confused by the large amount of different classes on offer out there. Let me help you. I can advise you what practices are best suited for you and your current circumstances.
  • Accountability. Perhaps you might need an extra incentive to get on the mat. Put it in the diary, you know I’ll be there waiting for you. It’s the perfect way to commit to a regular practice.



We will use Zoom or Skype, depending on what you feel more comfortable with. We place our screens in a way that we can see and hear each other. I will then guide you verbally and demonstrate each pose for you to follow along with. At the end of each session you will have the chance to talk with me about your likes and dislikes and ask me any questions that you have.


Good news, you don’t need to buy expensive, fancy clothes to do yoga.

From the comfort of your own home, you can even wear your pyjamas if you like! (I do most of the time, don’t tell) I am a fan of baggy and comfortable,  but it’d be best if I can see your body. Wear something comfortable and stretchy that you can move and bend in.

Barefeet is ideal too. Socks can be slippery plus you won’t get to feel the subtle muscles of your feet


  • You must have a laptop, computer or tablet with functioning camera and microphone (on a mobile the screen might be too small to see me, but that’ll work too!)
  • A good internet connection
  • Skype or Zoom account
  • Yoga Mat (optional but ideal) and a space to roll it up!
  • Props (optional). Having props is a great way to deepen your practice, to help your alignment and to explore restorative poses. For example: Yoga strap, yoga blocks, blanket, bolsters or pillows. But we can always find home-made alternatives!

I offer a very flexible service to help meet the time zones of practitioners worldwide. Let me know what your needs are, and we can discuss it.

This is a more affordable way to experience a private yoga class, from the comfort of your own house.

I’d love for you to experience the benefits an online private yoga class has to offer. Contact me with any questions you may have or to schedule your first class by using the contact form below.

“Montse pushes us but never beyond our personal abilities. Great session!”


  • Single and package classes are non refundable
  • Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours in advance.
  • In the event of poor internet connection or any technical issues, You will be able to reschedule. This happens, it’s unpredictable.
  • Booking is recommended to be made at least 48 hours in advance. This assures that you can get a time slot that works best for you and any changes to your booking (if need be) can be made within 12hrs prior to session.
  • Students must consult their doctor prior to practicing yoga or any physical activity.
  • Wrongfully using my services, any rude or inappropriate behaviour or questions will result in cancellation of class/future classes with no refund.
  • Sessions & packages must be used within 2 months from the time of purchase.
  • Every student must read, agree to terms & sign this liability waiver.




30 Minute Online Private Session – £20

60 Minute Online Private Session – £30

90 Minute Online Private Session – £45

Come with a friend for a discounted rate!

Two people 30 minutes – £30

Two people 60 minutes – £50

Two people 90 minutes – £75


30 Minutes

5 Sessions – £85 (a 15% save from individual classes)

10 Sessions – £160 (a 20% save from individual classes)

60 Minutes

5 Sessions –£127 (a 15% save)

10 Sessions –£240 (a 20% save)

90 Minutes

5 Sessions – £190 (a 15% save)

10 Sessions – £360 (a 20% save)