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Private Yoga Coaching Online

So you can focus on the things that really matter to you.

 Is Private yoga for You?

Do you struggle to find motivation?


I get it, ‘life gets in the way’ of our best intentions.

Doesn’t matter with how much conviction we say: ‘tomorrow I will do it!’ – unless it’s a firm appointment in your diary, it may not happen.

Research suggests that you are more likely to stick to your resolutions if you work with a partner… or a coach.

I will be your accountability partner and coach in one, so you don’t skip your resolution to hop on the mat.


‘Am I doing it right?’


If you are concerned about proper and safe alignment, you are not alone.

In a group class, there is no time to pay attention to everyone’s needs.

And YouTube isn’t going to address your particular needs.

Maybe you have injuries or health limitations and need to find a practice that works for YOU.

Not everyone is meant to do what you see in the magazines.


Are you working from home and busier than ever?

“There aren’t enough hours in the day”

“I can’t find a class for MY schedule” 

Sounds familiar? I’ve definitely been there!

Making space in our schedule for self-care tends to be the last thing in our mind.

Despite knowing how important it is to look after our own wellbeing, we still don’t put it first.




Are you tired of scrolling through endless YouTube videos?

Can’t find one that is JUST FOR YOU?


You have different needs for different days. Some days you need a boost of energy, others to re-stress, restore… and maybe sleep better at night!

Do you wish you could ask more questions?

Include more/less philosophy, mediation, breathing, basic poses or advanced ones?!




Montse on laptop and phone

1. LEARN proper foundation and develop awareness so you can move your body safely in any class.

2. DEVELOP modifications that make sense for YOUR body and gain a deeper knowledge of movement suitable for your body.


3. CONVENIENCE – Pick the time that works best for you.  Any length class you desire. Then you just need to schedule it, and if you need to swap a day or time, just ask!


4. SAFE SPACE – No stress and hassle about where to go, practice in your own space.

5. BEGINNER – If you are not sure how to get started, we’ll customize a sequence for your body so you can practice with safety and effectiveness.


6. PRIVACY – Eliminate any fear, intimidation or self-consciousness that you might experience in a group class, focusing on your needs first.


7. ACCOUNTABILITY – You’ll be more likely to make time for your class if you work with a coach. A private yoga teacher is your accountability partner and coach in one, so you don’t skip your commitment to your wellbeing.


“Montse Gili takes the fear out of yoga and allows you to go at your own pace. She gets to know you and your body and gently pushes you, when she knows you can do more.  Always with warmth and humour. She has changed the way I practice yoga.”

Alice Bunker-Whitney

Why Work with ME?


I am passionate about helping you reach your goals and I do so with dedication and understanding.

I have spent more than 20 years mentoring performers and artists and now I want to help YOU find your OPTIMAL WELLBEING.

I’ve been there, stressed, overworked and procrastinating my health, falling for quick fixes and going back to ‘bad’ habits over and over. Now I feel physically stronger and emotionally more balanced than ever…  and you can too. Develop more resilience in life, find more focus, and become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

My mission is to help busy freelancers and entrepreneurs to achieve a more creative and balanced mindset, so you can live a more fulfilling life.

Montse doing dancers pose

Find your ideal package

I’m flexible with times and offer different packages for private yoga and other bespoke options, like private groups.

If you can’t see your ideal option, let’s have a chat to find out how we can work together.

man in butterfly pose
Photo by Antonika Chanel on Unsplash
man in butterfly pose

Single Class 

1 Hour: £35

Try one hour of private yoga and get my undivided attention, work on a particular issue and get to ask any question.

30 minutes: £25

For the schedule packed with now time.

You want to fit a bit of yoga in your day, but are too busy…

Schedule the time you need when you need it. I’ll be there to guide you and to hold you accountable.


First time Deal!

Booking a package with me for the first time?

30% discount!

5 class pack becomes £105

10 short class pack becomes £140

Contact me by booking a short friendly consultation where we can discuss your needs.

Montse’s classes are enjoyable and have consistent and gradual progression. In no time, I can feel my body getting stronger and toned. There’s no pressure to go past the limits one has, which vary from day to day, nor unnecessary mysticism



How can I help you start your yoga journey today?