Kickstart a new you with Private Yoga Coaching

I help busy freelancers and creative entrepreneurs to find balance in their life using  yoga and meditation tools.

Do yoga at your own pace and step into your unique journey to become the best you and accomplish your goals.


  • In group yoga classes we often have people with various degrees of experience in yoga so the teacher may skim through the basics.
  • In a group class, there is no time to pay attention to everyone’s needs.
  • Your time is precious and you need a schedule that works for YOU.

Private yoga classes allow you to work on the poses that make sense for your body on your schedule and at your own pace. We will pay equal attention to your mindset and to your mental wellbeing to keep you balanced and focused on what matters to you.


How do I know if Private Yoga is for me?

Manage your own Time

Conventional class times don’t suit you and sometimes you struggle to find time for self-care.  Let’s come up with a plan that will adapt to your schedule; in fact, YOU set up the schedule.

Need an early morning call? Or a mid-day pick me up? or perhaps help to relax before bed? Do you prefer short practices or a nice long one? 

We’ll work out your needs because yoga has to adapt to you, not the other way around.

Perfect for Beginners

Maybe you are completely new to yoga, or maybe you are coming back after a period of not practising. 

Maybe need a bit more confidence before taking an open class, to make sure you are familiar with some of the poses and the transitions.

In a private class with me you will learn the basics correctly and I’ll ensure you learn proper alignment to your body.

Maybe you fear you won’t be able to keep the pace…

You set up the pace! We’ll work according to your needs and your goals so you can feel comfortable, safe and confident.

Yoga...? What yoga?!

Not sure where to begin? Do you find so many styles confusing? Not sure what kind of you yoga you should try first?

Book your Free assessment and we will have an open, no strings attached conversation to work out what best approach and style adapts to your needs. And if I am not what you need, I might be able to recommend you another teacher, style or approach!


Perfect for Accountability and Motivation

Sometimes you struggle to find the necessary motivation to join a class, or “life gets in the way.” 

But you are ready for transformation, you are ready to take care of your physical and mental health. 

Research suggests that you work harder and are more motivated when you work out with a friend… or a coach. With a yoga coach you will improve your physical strength, stamina, mobility and flexibly as well as your mental health, resilience and emotional balance.

I will be with you all the step of the way offering you my expertise, guidance and dedication. 

Why Work with Montse Gili?


I am passionate about helping you reach your goals and I do so with humour, dedication and understanding.

My mission is to help busy freelancers and creative entrepreneurs to achieve a more balanced mindset and fulfilling life.

Using yoga and meditation techniques we can gain greater health, energy and vitality to enjoy the things that really matter to us as well as improve our mental health and emotional balance.

Find your ideal package

I’m very flexible with my times and offer different packages for private yoga coaching and other bespoke options, like private groups, or organising online yoga parties.

If you can’t see your ideal option let’s have a chat and let’s find out how we can work together.

Montse doing dancers pose

“Montse Gili takes the fear out of yoga and allows you to go at your own pace. She gets to know you and your body and gently pushes you, when she knows you can do more.  Always with warmth and humour. She has changed the way I practice yoga.”

Alice Bunker-Whitney

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Urdva Hastasana


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