Memberships & Packages

available for online classes and unlimited video

Having a membership will help you be more consistent and committed.

Now is the time to say YES to your own wellbeing!

There are lots of options available! Good time slots on offer and there’s on demand if I can’t make the live-stream.
I love your sense of humour – “serious-play” attitude and I feel safe in the hards of your expertise. I really enjoy the spiritual side too and the breath work -it doesn’t feel like I’m just trying to be a human pretzel!
Morag Stark

I am so loving your classes, Montse!  Last night was lovely, really concentrating on each side intensely like that, one after the other  – for me it really helped my hips and I feel the benefit today.

I loved the affirmations too.
Always BRILLIANT!! … And imaginative, and cohesive, and thoughtful…! Xx
Alison Hugh

Video Library Membership

 Renews automatically every 30 days and gives you unlimited access to the growing on-demand library.

  • Access hundreds of videos so you never run out of classes.
  • Access to exclusive Programmes, like the ’14 days of yoga for a healthier back’ 
  • Most videos are recorded from the live classes and it’ll give you a similar feeling of being there.
  • Easy to find, big variety of classes, divided into sections by style and length.
  • Do 10 minutes or 75; try Yin, Vinyasa or meditation.
  • Join a live class any time you like by paying for single classes

You can always choose to upgrade to All-Access, suspend or cancel, at any time.

The Memberships are Evolving: Exclusive programmes, monthly themes, etc.

I have big plans for the membership. And I want you to be part of it.


From monthly free meditations and breathwork to themed months…


Let’s start with the creation of specially curated programmes that you can follow for a more targeted practice! And to remove the decision making element of your daily yoga practice.


Seating in Angkor Wat. Meditation

Develop more focus, presence and body awareness.

Single class & Packages

Being part of the SOYOGA membership is the easiest way to commit to your health and wellbeing. 
I’m always looking out for you.  Members have access to exclusive offers, discounts, and extra support.
But, if you aren’t ready to commit… you can always buy a single class or rent a video from the library to try!

Drop-in single class: £8 for the 75 min classes or £6 for the 30 min classes.

Explore the courses and workshops too!


“She immediately makes you feel at ease.”

I have been attending Montse’s classes for almost 2 months now. I’m not sure how she does it, but the fact is that I can touch my toes, I’m sleeping better and I am starting to believe I can practise Capoeria again since my back has been much happier now.


Montse is a fantastic teacher and makes me feel super relaxed and comfortable. I booked classes before an event I was quite anxious about, and she helped me find some routine and confidence in the week before to tackle the job! She’s also introduced me to some yoga that I hadn’t see before, with new poses and styles to bring focus into different areas! Yoga can be so amazing for body and mind and with Montse I feel like I’m in good hands 🙂


Montse provides really clear instructions, with a range of progressions to suit all abilities. I love being able to do the classes at home- it’s helped me develop a regular practice. Thank you Montse.