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Yoga to Wake Up

Ease into the day more mindfully by adding yoga to your morning. Limber up your sleepy muscles and set your intention for the day. Get ready to notice increased levels of energy and focus!

I’ll be your perfect accountability partner, waiting for you on the mat.


8am-8.30am (BST)

Montse using a yoga wheel

Mindful Vinyasa

This is an upbeat class where we will be moving fluidly, focusing on alignment as well as emphasising awareness of the body and breath. 

A creative class that will keep you engaged all the time and that’s designed to help you develop more strength and flexibility.

If you want to join a relaxed and friendly space, with plenty of options for all levels, but with enough challenge to keep you improving every time… this is the class for you.


12pm-1.15pm (BST)



Montse using a yoga wheel, lateral bend

Yummy Yin

Our Sunday night sessions will help you slow down, nourishing deeply your body, mind and soul. This yin and restorative class will help you unwind and get ready for the week ahead, taking you into a deep state of relaxation and of body awareness.


6pm-7.15pm (BST)

Special Classes/Workshops

Give yourself 90 minutes to feel rejuvenated.


The Spring Equinox is a point in the year when day and night are of equal length before the Surya (sun) energy moves into dominant transition.

In this class, we explore this momentary equilibrium of energy to bring balance to breath, body and mind.

The class focuses on the practice of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations), which is a complete practice encompassing asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra.

We will also explore simple balancing poses and gentle twists and stretches to help in the renewal process.

Finally, using life areas and mindful tools, you will set new intentions and goals for the next 3 months, planting seeds for positive changes in your life.


The recording of this class is now available for purchase.

Price: £10

Press the button below to go directly to payment. Make sure to write your email clearly in the ‘MESSAGE TO MONTSE’ area, so I can send you the link.

In case of doubt email me at soyoga@montsegili.com


“She immediately makes you feel at ease.”

I have been attending Montse’s classes for almost 2 months now. I’m not sure how she does it, but the fact is that I can touch my toes, I’m sleeping better and I am starting to believe I can practise Capoeria again since my back has been much happier now.


Your Yummy Yin class was great. Thank you so much! The poses were well chosen, with a variety of levels offered – all within a really nourishing, caring atmosphere. 

I felt so much better after the class!


Montse provides really clear instructions, with a range of progressions to suit all abilities. I love being able to do the classes at home- it’s helped me develop a regular practice. Thank you Montse.


Step by step video that will show you how to practice with confidence

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