Reset your Habits and Intentions

using Yoga Tools

Reinvigorate your goals, vision and motivation.

Learn yoga practices specific to help you reset your habits.

feeling stuck and want to take advantage of the energy of spring?

Maybe you’ve lost sight of your goals and vision for the year.

In the routine of everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of your true values and aspirations, that’s why we need time to invest in ourselves.

Spring is in full swing, and with it comes a natural impulse to create. The latent energy of winter, buried deep under layers, now bursts forth offering you the perfect opportunity to start a new project, revise your goals or plan new ones.


You want to use yoga as a tool for personal growth and to develop more creativity and motivation.

You know that by connecting to your body and breath you can access intuition and creativity with more ease.

You like the idea of writing your thoughts to gain more clarity but never find the time or motivation to do it on your own.


This is the perfect workshop for you!

  You will:

– Soothe your nervous system with movement and pranayama before attempting to set your goals and priorities.

– Connect with your intuition and creativity to help you decide what is really important.

– Understand where you are right now and what small habits you need to implement to reach where you want to be.

– Practice a dynamic yoga flow as well as different breathing techniques.

– Keep the recordings forever.

– Invigorate your yoga practice.

– Get a fillable workbook with prompts to set habits and routines.



The Details

Do at your on pace from the comfort of your own space.
Contains a 3 hour workshop and a workbook.
The course is divided into 3 sections. You can (recommended) start by doing the full workshop.
Then, that same material has been divided into smaller sections so you can repeat only the section you need:
– Two different yoga asana/movement sections
– A 10 minute meditation which you can follow as an audio recording or as video
– A 6 minture mantra chanting meditation
– Fill in the workbook exercises at your own pace 


Why work with me? 

I’m passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga and helping creatives become more confident and resilient.

I have been a yoga practitioner since the late 90s; forever a student, I am passionate about sharing what I know with kindness and humour.

My classes provide a slow-paced, mindful experience that will give you time to sink into poses and become more aware of your breath, alignment and inner workings of the mind.

I believe in adapting the movement to the body, not the other way around. A practice to awaken your intuition and creativity.

Ideal for beginners, as well as for more experienced yogis that want to improve their focus and be more mindful of their practice.

Yoga is a journey of discovery, on and off the mat and I’m always there to remind you to look inwards and check with yourself.

We can all achieve a more meaningful life through yoga, meditation and breath.

Montse doing dancers pose


“The booklet is something I will treasure and use as a template year after year”

‘The combination of yoga and writing was very good. It turned out that not only 4 hours was not too long, but we could have gone for another hour perfectly.’

‘Very helpful. The questions were a very good guide through the year and provided a good frame for reflection.’


'Reset and Create a Vision' participant

‘Montse is a thoughtful and practical teacher who brings and shares her own experiences with generosity’

‘Really useful to combine breathing, physical movement and reflection – the movement opens up the way for reflection’


'Reset and Create a Vision' participant

‘I learnt a lot about how to reflect and goal set constructively. Also learnt lot about myself and the areas of my life that were tended to last year and what may need work this year.’

‘The structure was great as each activity flowed into the next. A natural mixture of yoga and writing.’


'Reset and Create a Vision' participant

The Half Year Spring Reset

yoga workshop

A Yoga, Meditation, Self-reflection and Journaling workshop to help you Spring Forward with more creativity and motivation.