The Half-Year Spring Reset

This workshop gives you the opportunity to reinvigorate your goals and vision.

Learn yoga practices specific to Spring to help you reset your life. 
We are nearly halfway through the year, Spring is already in full swing, and with it comes a natural impulse to create. The latent energy of winter, buried deep under layers, now bursts forth offering us the perfect opportunity to start a new project, revise our goals or plan new ones.
Have you lost sight of your end of year goals and resolutions, or your motivation to pursue them? If you are feeling a bit stuck and want to take advantage of the energy of spring for your personal growth and to develop more creativity and motivation… this is the workshop for you.
In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) this season is associated with the Liver, which is related to vision… physically but also metaphorically… therefore a great time to find clarity and a new vision.

Instead of using only your mental energy to set goals and plan new projects, access your intuition and creativity by connecting with your body and breath first.


3-hour workshop online:

  • Learn how to alter your lifestyle based on the seasons to maximize available energy.
  • Soothe your nervous system with movement and pranayama before attempting to set your goals and priorities. 
  • Connect with your intuition and creativity to help you decide what is really important.
  • Understand where you are right now and what small habits you need to implement to reach where you want to be.
  • Learn a few dynamic yoga flows you can repeat and do on your own or with the recording later.
  • Keep the recording for reference it as many times as you like.
  • Get a workbook with prompts to set habits and routines.


Date: 29th May
Time: 2 pm to 5 pm (UK time)
General Price £37
VIP Ticket £24 if you are holding any active membership.   
BONUS 1Book before MONDAY 16th – Get a private 30 min class where you can ask me anything, from how to do a pose you are having difficulty with, to how to set up goals in your Bullet Journal or just have a personal class adapted to your needs.
BONUS 2Book before Monday 23rd and get a free pass to attend the Yummy Yin class that will take place after the workshop (even if you have a membership, I won’t count towards your allocated classes) on Sunday 29th May.
Every Sunday Yummy Yin is at 6 pm (UK time), since the workshop ends at 5 pm you’ll have time to have a break, a nice cup of tea, a snack, to journal, or fold your laundry… and then join us to end the week in a joyful, stress-free and intentional way.


What People Are Saying

Thanks for this series, Montse. I love them. I’ve done the first three and look forward to completing them!


She translates the wisdom and theory of the yamas into a unique physical practice which releases and encourages qualities brought up by the theme.

Each session includes a short talk and meditation explaining one yama and relating it to how we deal with ourselves and with others. This is followed by a physical practice that is built around this yama, with observations shared through the session, and a nourishing savasana to embed this knowledge.


I feel stronger and lighter and more flexible but most of all I feel these sessions help to build inner strength and openness to what is. Montse brings lightness and positivity to every session. (…) Whether you are a total beginner or have been doing yoga for years it’s lovely to have Montse guide you through these asanas bringing you closer to your centre each day. Thank you Montse!


The Style

We won’t be chasing ‘the look’ of a pose.  Yoga is not another sweaty workout; it’s not important the shape of your body, but the shape of your life.

I use yoga, somatic movement, breath-work, meditation, mantras, yoga ethics and philosophy to create full experiences.

With plenty of variations to suit all levels of experience, it’s always encouraged to do only what’s appropriate for the body.

I love teaching a slow and alignment-based Vinyasa that will help you connect with your breath and become more aware of how to move and where to move. 

My experience

I’m not perfect, self-development is an ongoing task for all of us, but I’ve come a long way from my previous patterns of destructive behaviour.

After practising yoga for around 20 years, it was only after going deeper into the philosophy and into meditation practices that all started to click.

Yoga is a complex system and the asanas (physical postures) is just a part of it.

I am much more balanced emotionally and mentally… And physically I feel healthier stronger than I’ve ever been!

Montse doing Wild Thing
Montse doing dancers pose

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