Feeling depleted of energy? Are you asking yourself ‘why am I feeling this tired?’ This is why and what you could do about it.

So… who is tired and needs a break? You may be coming back from a holiday break… but already need another!!

It’s not surprising and you are not alone. The mere thought of going back to your busy life is already sending signals of stress to your brain… and guess what? That could be the culprit for your exhaustion.

Not only we are getting busier and busier in our lives, but the world seems to continue spewing bad news and throwing things at us. It’s not surprising you are feeling so tired, achy and depleted of energy sometimes. 

If you have been wondering why you’ve been feeling a bit tired lately, why your body is a little bit more achy than usual… it could be all the stuff and noise you hold… in your mind.

Yes, of course, the causes of your lack of energy could be many, from lack of proper nutrition, hormones, vitamin deficienty, physical, etc… but things are rarely as straightforward as that.

Our body suffers the consequences of our mental stresses… unless we learn to properly relax and deal with our anxieties. 

Yes, all the mental stress we carry is passed onto our tissues too.

man feeling stressed and tired

When we feel stressed, fed up, angry, challenged, etc… the brain sends signals to our body to protect us… the body either tenses, ready for battle, creating unnecessary tensions and pains; or needs to shut down, sending signals that we are tired, drowsy, sleepy. 

Of course, there isn’t just one answer, and tiredness may signify something else going on, from vitamin D shortage to hormonal imbalances, depression, etc. 

First of all, if you feel pretty run-down all the time, check with your doctor

Once you’ve ruled out major health issues, let’s look at bringing balance to your nervous system.

Let’s look at learning to relax (yes, it’s a skill that can be learned) and at being able to move out of the sympathetic nervous system response when there’s no need for it.

And one of the best ways I know is… yeah, yeah… you know what I’m going to say: Yoga! 

No… I’m not going to say ‘you NEED yoga’, because there are many other wonderful practices you can do too. 

(Shock, horror, yoga isn’t the answer to everything!) 

But, if the only thing you’ve been doing about your tiredness and achy body is ‘Netflix and chill’… tell me, in all honestly, is it working? 

We all need to relax, and watching a film or having a glass of wine has its time and place… I have nothing against it and do it from time to time. Just be aware that it doesn’t become the go-to solution when ‘feeling tired or stressed’.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but the best way to relax your mind is actually moving your body.

I would definitely like to encourage you to find something that helps you keep active, move your body in different and unexpected ways, and gives you JOY. 

From dancing to walking in nature, physical activity is one of the best ways to start pulling you out of your mind and putting you back into your body. And if you pair it with conscious breathing, you start to live more in the present and less in your worries. 

If you, like me, would like to maximise your time… consider a practice that includes breathing techniques (great way to activate the relaxation response in the body AND increase energy levels), meditation, and even a good work-out. So, try yoga.

Woman feeling relaxed

Not just any yoga. There are different types and styles of yoga and if you really feel poorly or exhausted, you don’t have to commit to a two-hour Ashtanga session, you could do a gentle flow, you could do a restorative practice, you could do yin or you could even do yoga Nidra.

Even in just 10 minutes of Pranayama or breathwork, you will be able to feel huge health benefits.

Listen to your needs and try different styles and teachers. If you’d like to know a bit more, check out “The ultimate guide to Yoga styles'”

If you really want to start feeling a bit more energetic and less achy… I strongly encourage you to try yoga (or your chosen embodied activity) sooner rather than later.

Why wait? What could be more important than your health and your happiness?

I know, you are waiting to be less busy, to have more time, to feel less tired. You are waiting to ‘feel better’ before you can start working towards feeling better. It does’t make sense, right?

And then… here comes the trick… do it consistently! I don’t mean to dedicate two hours a day!! Do what is possible for you. Whatever level of consistency is available to you. Once a week? Great. 3 times a week? Even better. Every day 15 minutes… amazing!

This is the time. You owe it to yourself to be kind to your body, improve your mobility, strength, and mental resilience.

Free gift

I really want to make it as easy as possible for you… 

This is my free gift to you: a 6-day yoga at home challenge, that takes only 15 minutes a day!!

If you’d like to start a yoga practice or find some consistency, plus get a little taster for different yoga tools…

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So, what is it going to be? Netflix and chill or take the time you deserve to feel good about yourself.

Whatever you decide… be kind to yourself.

Montse’s background

Montse has been working for the last 30 years in the world of theatre and performance as a director, mentor and performer. At the same time, she was practising yoga as a personal tool to help.

Finally, her passion for sharing her knowledge and her desire to help others realise their true potential has led her onto the path of yoga teaching.

Her classes are relaxed, friendly and with elements of yin, hatha, vinyasa and mainly… humour! Everyone is welcome to connect with her via her zoom live classes.

‘Be your own template’. Your shape is unique and so is your life so don’t try to fit into anyone else’s path, find your own… on and off the mat.