Are yoga backbends safe or should I never do them?

Are yoga backbends safe or should I never do them?

Backbends are an essential part of any physical yoga practice but it can feel very scary or un-safe when we suffer from back pain. So, are they safe or should we never do them? When we think of  ‘backbending’ in yoga, images of gymnasts, or circus performers touching...

What is Ujjayi Breath and why use it?

Recently I posted a video talking a lot about Ujjayi Breath. If you’ve practised a vinyasa class in the past few years, or almost any yoga class for that matter, is quite possible that the teacher might have mentioned it. Maybe they called it ocean breath, or...
10 Wonderful reasons to Meditate

10 Wonderful reasons to Meditate

  Many people make a distinction between meditation and ‘yoga’, they think of yoga as just a form of exercise, separate from meditation, which is seating in stillness. But meditation is part of the whole yoga system and a very important one! See below some of the...
Urdva Hastasana


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