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Yoga online vs. yoga online… live!

ManyYoga seems to be everywhere. Actually,  yoga live online seems to be everywhere now! Maybe it is. Perhaps it just looks that way because I’m heavily invested in it (as a teacher and as a student). Maybe I’m living in a social media filter bubble where everything is… yoga! But not everyone is in that …

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Help, how do I breath… in yoga?

That’s a question that I’ve been asked more than a few times, ‘Why do you always ask us to breath through the nose?”. Many people are used to breathing through their mouth for no physiological reason, just because they associate ‘exercise’ with exhaling through the mouth. Then, when they come to a yoga class and …

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Habits, routines and building a ‘better’ YOU

NOTE: ’Better’ is subjective and has nothing to do with image, success or the opinion of others. By ‘better’, I mean being more satisfied with life, healthier, happier and knowing that you are doing your best, and following your unique path. I’ve been talking for a long time about morning routines, or rituals. I even …

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Boost your creativity with yoga

Maybe you are a creative person, or are in a creative job, or perhaps you’d like to infuse your life with more creativity…but at one point or another surely you had doubts, self-questioning everything you do, or even not finished a project because ‘it’s not ready’.  You felt blocked and don’t know how to proceed. …

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